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Advanced Technology to Advance Fleet Management

Drive with Isotrak

What if you could reclaim time, money and fuel while keeping your operations running lightning fast? With Isotrak, you can. Isotrak’s operational intelligence maximises ROI and gives you quick time-to-value by driving efficiency and improving performance, while maintaining compliance and reducing operational costs. Our technology brings all of the components together so you can be everything you need to be to accelerate business.

Be Informed

Integration with supply chain software, intelligent telematics and tracking, delivery performance and driver communications gives you real-time visibility into everything you need to know to manage your fleet more efficiently and to increase productivity.

Be Efficient

Proactive management of delivery performance drives efficiency, cost savings and eliminates waste. Manage expectations around arrivals and departures, ETAs, and turnaround times, in order to keep your fleet efficient and drive more revenue.

Be Safe

Keep your drivers safe and focused with enhanced mobile communications, alerts and notifications, driver scorecards and debriefs.

Be Compliant

We make compliance easy. Our solutions are fully compliant, taking the time, guesswork and frustration out of accurate reporting.

Be Flexible and Scalable

Scale transportation resources with a diverse fleet, including owned, 3PL or combined fleets, without missing a beat. Gain a competitive advantage with deep integration capabilities, a broad partner ecosystem and ability to aggregate data from different sources in a single platform.

So you can ultimately Be Successful

Our dedication and commitment to our customers and your success is unmatched. Isotrak ensures that your transportation operations are predictable, dependable and reliable, so your customers are satisfied.

Products & Technology

Isotrak’s platform-based approach enables enterprises to manage by exception – saving time and money; increasing efficiency and driving waste out of the organisation. We help you develop a plug and play solution that meets your business requirements.


Isotrak’s Active Transportation Management System (ATMSi) is a SaaS-based comprehensive fleet management solution that helps enterprises gain real-time visibility, control and measurement of your fleet’s delivery performance and efficiency.

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3iS FleetVision

3iS FleetVision provides visibility and streamlined management and measurement of private and 3rd party fleet performance in a single platform. Together with ATMSi, this holistic fleet management solution enables your business to view and optimise 3rd party suppliers in real-time as if they were part of your own fleet.

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Our software combines modules that function independently or work in conjunction to provide a customised solution based on your specific needs.

Vehicle Tracking

Track and analyse your vehicle progress and health throughout the entire journey.

  • Real-time visibility and route analysis
  • Automated, exception-based alerting & reporting
  • Vehicle activity and utilisation analysis

Trailer Tracking

Know where your trailers are and get minute-to-minute updates and audit trails to keep your perishable deliveries fresh.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Location Services
  • Polygon Geo-fences

Delivery Performance

Monitor and report on delivery performance while in transit to keep things on track.

  • Real-time job detail
  • Monitor performance to compare Plan Vs. Actual
  • Manage ETAs and Improve turnaround times
  • Analyse real-time performance
  • Optimise drivers and vehicles

Driving Style Behaviour

Save fuel costs, reduce vehicle maintenance and improve driver safety by managing driving style behaviour during transit.

  • Reduce fuel costs and improve MPGs
  • Avoid excessive idling
  • Smooth acceleration and breaking
  • Improve cruise control utilisation
  • Promote driver safety

Driver Communications

Maximise productivity with effective communications through interactive dashboards, text, and email to stay efficient and streamline workflow for drivers and jobs.

  • Improve workflow
  • Instantly amend plans
  • Receive electronic manifests
  • Keep audit logs of all messaging

Driver Scorecards and Debrief Reports

Conduct post-trip reviews using accurate information to track behaviour that impacts fuel economy, harsh acceleration, over revving and idling time.

  • Driver checklists
  • Pre-set driving-style parameters
  • Concise scorecards
  • Detailed debrief reports


Ease the burden of audit and reporting tasks associated with compliance and maintain the highest levels of safety.

  • Enhanced vehicle safety checks
  • Driver identification
  • Remote tachograph donwload
  • Automated, paperless reporting
  • Improve driver safety & vehicle maintenance

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Electronically confirm delivery status, verify the correct items are delivered, and obtain customer signatures without any manual paperwork.

  • Automated task work flows
  • Continuous sync with portal
  • Capture signatures & photos
  • Record overages, shortages & damages
  • Confirm, part-confirm, or reject tasks
  • View task exceptions in portal
  • Track reason codes for task exceptions

Safety Camera Integration

Integration provides telemetry data and camera footage to backup any claims made by the drivers or dispute claims made by third parties.

  • Lower insurance claims costs
  • Minimise insurance premiums
  • Protect against fraudulent claims
  • Help lower accident rates
  • Mitigate accident costs
  • Reduce traffic accidents

Reporting and Alerting

Manage and report on the most critical parts of your fleet operations with instant insight, real-time intelligence, and historical data capture. Quickly identify trends, set thresholds for alerts and notifications, access driver debrief scorecards, compare plan versus actual and much more.

  • Intuitive configurable dashboards
  • Automated, scheduled reports
  • Operational performance and emergency alerts
  • Email, text and dashboard notifications
  • Electronic day book for full issue resolution
  • Automated escalation of alert if left unattended