Introducing ePOD from Isotrak

ePOD, Isotrak-style

We’re proud to offer our new electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) solution, a fully integrated add-on to our existing telematics suite of mobile products.

Isotrak’s ePOD helps eliminate paperwork, lets you track deliveries in real time, and can even can help you get paid quicker by immediately accessing delivery data from your drivers.

The UK’s most configurable ePOD and telematics solution

ePOD users get an easy-to-use tool within the Isotrak ATMSi portal that lets you configure each driver’s workflow in a matter of seconds.

The workflow then becomes an integral part of the allocated job, and is instantly communicated to the driver’s mobile device. Easy, step-by-step instructions ensure they complete every delivery just the way you want.

Workflows can include whatever instructions are needed: collect a signature, scan a barcode, take a picture, record a bay number, measure ambient temperature – even complete a questionnaire.

Alongside proof of delivery, all the driver’s actions are then relayed back to you instantly. So you can invoice the completed job at the earliest possible opportunity, free from customer queries and disputes.

Track proof of delivery in real-time

Eliminate delivery paperwork

Minimise delivery queries and disputes