Delivery Performance

Turn Real-time Visibility into Real-time Value

Delivery Performance: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

You have a blind spot. It happens to be the most critical part of delivery – when your fleet is on the move. Isotrak brings that blind spot into focus with real-time visibility into delivery performance throughout the entire journey, while your fleet is in transit.

Analyse Real-time Delivery Performance

A lot can happen in an hour so why not get updates by the minute? Real-time analysis gives you the insight to make smart decisions on the go. Correct late deliveries, improve turnaround times, and help avoid frustrated customers before they impact the company negatively.

Improve Plan vs. Actual

Isotrak integrates into your planning and routing systems so you can have advanced plan vs. actual capabilities. Set your own KPIs and actively monitor all aspects of performance against the plan – in real time, by departure, arrival and ETA.

  • Proactive performance management
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Respond to minimise disruption
  • Improve resource allocation

Optimise Drivers & Vehicles

Reduce dock congestion, late deliveries and excessive turnaround times by managing real-time delivery performance of vehicles and drivers. Maximise productivity and drive efficiency throughout your fleet operations with extensive collaboration tools and automated reporting, keeping the field and back office informed throughout the journey.

Improve Turnaround Time & ETAs

What would a 15 minute reduction per driver, per location, per day mean to your business? Isotrak’s configurable dashboards, KPIs and alerts give you advanced notice on true ETAs to both distribution centers and customer locations so you can manage on-time departures, arrivals and ETAs. Drive efficiency by reducing wait times, improving turnaround times and allocating resources on the fly.