Dashboards & Reporting

Get the Whole Picture

Make Better Decisions with Your Data

It’s not enough to just have data. You need to make sure you can visualise it, access it, and communicate it to the people that need it most. Intuitive, interactive, and data-driven, our reports and dashboards help you ‘get the whole picture’ so you can make better decisions, faster.


See what you need to see, when you need to see it. Your data matters and getting instant access to the full picture, in context of your entire transportation operation, is key.


Manage your business from anywhere. We make communication and collaboration simple, so you can access the information you need on the go, take action and get results fast.


You have an influx of data and need to analyse it, interpret it, and use it minute-to-minute make a positive impact on your fleet performance. Foster good driving behaviour, meet compliance regulations and improve performance in real-time.


A lot goes into managing fleets every day. You need to address it all, but how do you figure out what takes priority? Our software helps you prioritise and focus on the issues that impact your business the most.


Interactive dashboards, reports and real-time notifications and alerts give you intelligent insight to achieve better results, in real-time.