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Drive Efficiency. Drive Compliance. Drive Results.

Improve turnaround time by: 67%
Decrease fuel
cost by: 15%
Increase driver productivity by: 15%
Reduce empty running by: 12%
Increase on-time delivery by: 26%
Reduce fleet
size by: 10%

Delivery Performance Drives Results

Instant insight into operational and delivery performance helps you get to know your business in real-time. One powerful platform gives you complete visibility into your fleets performance.


Start the Day Right

Isotrak’s robust platform, sleek dashboards and seamless integration into route planning systems gives you the confidence you need to execute your plan and get it right from the start.

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Keep it Moving

While your fleet is on the move, make quick, informed decisions every step of the way with minute-to-minute comparisons of plan vs. actual results and Tachograph and Working Time Directive compliance.

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Exceed Customer Expectations

Increase on-time deliveries, get minute-to-minute ETAs, improve store visibility into inbound deliveries and keep customers happy throughout the process.

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End the Day Informed

Quickly access real-time analytics to measure KPIs, debrief with driver scorecards, address driving style behaviour, check fuel usage and vehicle status to optimise delivery performance and drive results.

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automated scorecards

Change Your Outlook. Change Your Outcome.

Isotrak’s unprecedented visibility and exception-based management gives you a new outlook so you actually address transportation challenges on the fly and change the outcome before they turn into problems.

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Customer Insight

“We were able to drive performance and change behavior based on system integration to increase our on-time deliveries by 26% in one year”

Director of Transportation & Service

Major US Food Service Company